About Us

The Ensign is a hall of fame boat with a future as bright as its past. Even timeless, indestructible boats occasionally need replacement parts.

Our main purposes are: 

  • to produce Ensign-specific parts 
  • to upgrade the supply chain 
  • to add new Ensigns to the fleet.   

The new Ensign Spars will be producing everything from Ensign-specific hardware to new masts, complete decks, cabin IGUs, rudders, tillers and brand-new Ensign Classics.

Now in its third iteration, Ensign Spars began its relaunch in March of 2021 on the southern shore of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio.  

The original Ensign was designed by Carl Alberg and built by Pearson Yachts of Bristol Rhode Island.  From 1962 to 1983, Pearson built 1776 Ensigns. In the following 18 years the only Ensigns that were available were existing boats. That all changed in 2000, when Ensign Spars, under the leadership of Zeke Durica, became the official licensed builder of the new Ensign Classic.  Built to original specifications, the Ensign Classic is the same boat Pearson Yachts built; a design that has stood the test of time, making 60-year-old restored Ensigns competitive with new boats.  

In 2013, Ensign Spars transferred to Chad Lewis in Marquette, Michigan.  Chad carried on the tradition – building and restoring beautiful Ensigns.  And in 2021, Ensign Spars transferred to Lake Erie Corp., LLC in Cleveland, Ohio under the leadership of Bob Conkey.  

To learn more about this hall of fame boat check out (and join!) the Ensign Class Association at ensignclass.com. If you have questions regarding measurements, restoration challenges or other maintenance issues, the ECA forum is an invaluable resource. 

Contact us at info@ensignspars.com!