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Ensign Spars has built a reputation as the premier Ensign restorer.  Many of the boats that have won the coveted “Most Beautiful Ensign Award” have been restored by Ensign Spars, including Hallelujah (pictured) in 2014.  Ensign Spars specialty is “new deck restorations” which involves replacing the original deck with a brand new one.  Boats getting this level of restoration are essentially new boats with original hulls and wood work.  Everything else is rebuilt or replaced and it is a great way to give your original Ensign a second life.

Do you like the look of a restored Ensign, but don’t own a boat yet?  We have several restoration candidates right here at our shop that we can restore for you.  We scour the country looking for orphaned Ensigns that are good restoration candidates.  In most situations, you get to choose every option including the hull color.  Its like buying a new boat for half the price!

Every restoration is different and ES owner Chad Lewis would love to talk with you about your specific boat and restoration needs.  Call our office at 906-235-7735 and let us help you put the life back in your Ensign.